Your 2009 Heisman Trophy Finalist Are Named

The finalists for the Heisman trophy have been announced and there isn’t much of a surprise. That’s unless you were hoping for CJ Spiller to be invited.

Toby Gerhart: 311 carries, 1,736 yards, 23 TDs.
The man was a beast this season.  Tim Brown has already stated that he voted for him,  so there’s one vote.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he won the thing.

Mark Ingram: 249 carries, 1,542 yards, 18 total TDs.
 If voters were really looking to crown the player that had the best championship weekend, then Ingram picked up a lot votes after his performance against Florida.

Ndamukong Suh: 82 tackles, 12 sacks, 1 interception. 
 What was once a dream, may actually become a reality.  He’s invited to New York and the buzz around him certainly grew after Saturday’s performance against Texas.  Like Ingram, he likely picked up some votes this weekend.

Colt McCoy: 147.46 QB rating, 3,512 yards, 30 total TDs.
 If the voters are looking to give a career accomplishment award, this is their man. If McCoy would have had anything remotely close to a good game against Nebraska, the award would be his. Instead, he’ll be sweating it out.

Tim Tebow: 155.59 QB rating, 2,413 yards, 31 total TDs.
 Tebow was gonna be there anyway as a former winner, might as well make him a finalist, right?

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