Will Tracy McGrady start in the NBA’s All-Star game?

Houston Rockets guard and 7-time All-Star, Tracy McGrady appears to be headed back to the All-Star game as a starter.

The only problem is that McGrady has yet to suit up and play in a game this season.

How can this happen? Well, the powers that be, meaning the NBA executives, allow the fans to choose the starting line-ups for the game.

Yes, the teenage girl that is in love with Dwight Howard or the young boy that patterns his game after Kobe Bryant have total control over who starts the game. While the coaches only get to choose the reserves.  Wouldn’t that situation work better vice versa?  I’m just saying.

McGrady has no timetable to return to his team as of yet, so maybe the All-Star game will be his debut. I love the guy, but in no way has he earned a trip to Arlington in February.

Injured McGrady on pace to start All-Star game (AP via Fox Sports)

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