Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind is our recap of some of the most captivating sports stories of the previous week.

Chris Henry 1983-2009– The life of Chris Henry came to a tragic end on Thursday December 17, 2009. Though his career was marred by off the field troubles, Henry was very productive when he played. The 6-foot-4 WR had 119 receptions over his 5-year career and 21 of those were TD’s. Henry leaves behind a fiance’ and their children; his funeral will be held Tuesday in Louisiana, R.I.P. Chris.

And then there was one– After the Saints 24-17 lost to the Cowboys on Saturday, the Colts are the only team left with an unblemished record. The veteran squad managed to once again overcome a fourth quarter deficit to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 35-31 in Florida on Thursday night. With home-field sown up throughout the playoffs, we’ll see if the Colts decide to rest Manning and the other starters the final two games of the season.

Take down that Tiger ad!- Swiss watch maker, Tag Heuer, has decided to scale back on Tiger Woods dominated ads here in the U.S. Woods endorsement deals have taken a hit due to his recent infidelity issues. Accenture is gone and others will soon follow. It will all blow over soon, remember the Kobe Bryant scandal, yep, you almost forgot. In two years, he’ll be bigger than ever, but maybe minus a wife and some cash.

That’s their one– Who would have thought Vince Young would be one of the best QB’s in the NFL in 2009? Exactly, no one, but the fourth-year star has had a resurgence after spending a year on the bench. His QB rating is 92.5, by far the best of his career and he is has the Titans 7-7 after an Kerry Collins led o-6 start. Tennessee is one five teams with a 7-7 record in the AFC, so they still have a chance to make it to the playoffs. Finally, Young appears to be the franchise’s QB of the future.

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