Want to sell tickets, tell’em M.J. is going to be there

Utah Flash NBDL owner Brandt Andersen knows how to sell out an arena.

Instead of selling tickets based on his team’s performance, Andersen spread a little rumor, or lie that stated Michael Jordan would play former Utah Jazz guard Bryon Russell 1-on-1 at the half of the Flash’ first home game.

7,500 fans were swindled and bought tickets to see a match that was never scheduled to take place.

Andersen’s response, ” It was done in fun, If you did not see it as fun or you feel I went over the top I am sorry.”

A stand up guy right. Andersen also sent a Jordan look-alike out into the community complete with fanfare and bodyguards.

Fans didn’t realize that the Jordan was a fake until he ran out onto the court to play against Russell. I feel some sympathy for the fooled fans, but how smart must you be to know that M.J. is not coming out of retirement to play Bryon Russell, even if it is for charity.

Bird, Magic and Barkley maybe, but Bryon Russell, never.

Those duped will receive tickets to future Flash games. Anderson is dishonest, but he sure knows how to get exposure for his team.

Utah NBDL owner apologizes for Jordan hoax (AP via Fox Sports)

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