Tiger’s Fatal Flaw

A man once viewed as near ‘perfect’ by the masses has recently revealed that he to is subject to make humanly mistakes just like the rest of us.

The 33-year-old Tiger Woods has had a horrific week, one that he won’t soon forget. Not only was he hounded by the paps, along with local and national media outlets following his strange early morning one car crash, but he was forced to publicly apologize for his, in his words, ‘transgressions.’

Woods appears superhuman while on the golf course. He wins at an unprecedented rate, has 15 majors at the age of 33 and draws crowds like no other. But beneath his stern, chiseled frame lies a man, one that has become a victim of his own fame and notoriety.

Like Achilles in the epic poem ‘The Iliad,’ Woods’ fatal flaw is not his narcissism, but his inability to recognize that he is innately human. He may have been viewed and treated as a God by fans, supporters and yes men, but his recent failures show just how human he really is.

A man that has amassed nearly $1B in career earnings has put his endorsements, career and marriage at risk for uninhibited sex with women who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jaimee Grubbs, a young, fame seeking cocktail waitress, has released alleged text messages, pictures and voicemails from Woods. She claims that their affair started back in 2007. Then there is Rachel Uchitel, a VIP hostess at a night club, who denies anything ever happened between the two, but reports say otherwise.

Whether these allegations of infidelity are true or false, I feel for his kids and wife Elin. They will be forced to endure constant probing and ridicule from all over the world.

Our 24-hour, non-stop news making and reporting society will make this ordeal a living hell for the Woods family. But this same society and its very nature is why Woods makes over $100M/yr. Can u say catch 22?

Tiger desires privacy and, up to this point, has done a good job keeping his life separate from his career. One thing he will soon learn, if he hasn’t already, is that there is no such thing as privacy when you are a public figure. If your fame and fortune comes from earnings of your fans, then you must accept that your life, whether personal or professional, is an open book.

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