Texas Vs Nebraska: Time Is Money

Nebraska native, R. Gray drops in to give his take on the Longhorns taking down his Huskers in the final second of the Big XII championship. And as everyone else will do this week, he offers up his heisman picks.

:01 left on the clock and two huge mistakes in the last 2:00 minutes of the game was all Texas needed to win the Big 12 Championship and guarantee themselves a shot at the National Championship. It was a game plan perfectly executed by Nebraska to keep themselves in a position to win. It was the only game plan that had a chance to play toe to toe with a team with superior athletes. The execution was basically perfect. A kick-off out of bounds and a horse collar penalty gave Texas a free 55 yards. Their total yardage for the game was just over 200 yards. Really makes you think about how the little things do make a difference.

One could argue about pass interference calls or booth reviews to put time back on the clock, but when it comes down to it, the Texas vs. Nebraska game was about mistakes made by Nebraska and not really much anything Texas did to win the game. Unfortunately, that is why the team that plays the hardest and/or deserves to win…doesn’t always win.


Ndamukong Suh will win every defensive award that is given out, and rightfully so. He took the Heisman away from Colt McCoy almost by himself. He has every right as the projected #1 pick in next year’s NFL draft to be invited to New York. If he’s the best defensive player in college football, why can’t he be the best player in college football….or are we saying he can’t be. Do you have to be an offensive player? I don’t believe that is true and I’m sure most people (that don’t get votes) don’t either. If the award only goes to the best impact player on the team playing for the National Championship, then it needs to be revamped to represent only that.

The most dominating player in college football should be able to TAKE OVER every game (especially on the biggest stages) and STAND OUT out on every play. If Tebow, McCoy, and Clausen were ever considered to be serious candidates, then you have to look at what player made them look average to poor in head-to-head competition.

My vote would be as follows:

1. Ingram (Tebow out)
2. Suh (McCoy out)
3. Gerhart (Clausen out)

Tebow, McCoy, and Clausen can hold their seats for them while they receive interviews in New York…or bring them water when they’re thirsty.

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  1. Get real, biased Mr. Nebraska.It wasn't 55 yards, more like 35.

    The best team DID win. That's why they went the season undefeated, as opposed to losing three games before playing Texas.

    A winning team doesn't horse collar an opposing player racing toward a winning touchdown; a winning team doesn't kick the football out of bounds when it most matters. Part of being a winning team is NOT making those asinine mistakes. Colt completed that last pass to Shipley under huge duress because he is a winning QB. So Texas DID do what it needed to do to win. Let's not forget the field goal by Hunter. Again Texas DID do what it needed to do to win. The win was just as much in Texas's hands and they got the job done.
    Suh can have his Heisman, his number 1 place in the NFL draft, but Nebraska didn't earn a trip to the NC as Texas did. Nebraska is NOT the winning team Texas is.

    Get real and get over it.

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