Some In The Mainstream Media May Need To Tread Lightly When It Comes To This Tiger Fiasco

We all know that good things, as well as bad things , eventually come to an end. So one day, maybe after Tiger’s 100th lay comes forward, this pageviews extravaganza will be all over. Tiger will just go back to beating everyone in golf and things will go back to normal. And by “normal”, I mean he’ll be divorced, paying a huge alimony bill, but we will love him again. Why? Because this is America. And America loves a comeback story. We need our comeback stories. And what we love even more is when our comeback story returns to dominate their chosen profession. In short, we love winners. And Tiger is a winner.

So what happens when there aren’t any new women to pay for their stories? What happens when the pageviews dry up? What are we left with? Just Tiger winning golf tournaments. And this is where some in the mainstream media may have hurt themselves in the long run.

Yesterday, Colin Cowherd brought forth some interesting news on his radio show. He stated that he had a source close to Tiger that says that Tiger is paying very close attention to what is being said about him and who is saying it. Do I know this to be the case? No. Do I believe it? You d*mn straight.

I have no reservations at all in saying that I believe Tiger will be very vindictive after this is all said and done. Just examine the tone of each and every one of the statements that he has released. They stress privacy and principle.  He is pissed that this all came out in the manner that it did.  Because of that, I truly believe he won’t grant interviews with certain media. I also believe some members of the media and certain publications will be completely dead to him.

And what’s funny about it all is that it will be mostly mainstream media who will feel the wrath. All because they’re trying to keep up with the people that some of those same mainstream media members have despised. Bloggers.

Cowherd gets it on this issue. He was also right when he went on to say that Tiger won’t care about the coverage that Brooks, The Big Lead, or Deadspin has done about him.  Or even the coverage that TMZ and Radar Online has done for that matter. These sites aren’t knocking down Tiger’s door for an interview. They don’t have a magazine for Tiger to grace the cover of. Their business can run on with or without Tiger. Some in the mainstream media can’t say that.  Which is exactly why some of them need to be treading lightly.

Think that’s not a reality? Here’s something else Cowherd pointed out. Have you heard a peep out of publications like Golf Digest or The Golf Channel? Yes, they’re running stories about the accident, but they haven’t said a word about any of the mistresses. All because they’re not about to bite the hand that feeds them. And trust me, Tiger has noticed and they will be rewarded when it’s all said and done.

For the others in the mainstream media like the Orlando Sentinel that have chosen to cover Tiger in a blog-like manner, do know that he notices you too. I’m sure the pageviews have been so good the past couple of weeks, I doubt you care at the moment. But I hope it was worth it. Because you will soon find out that just because you decided that now it’s okay to act like a blog doesn’t mean you will be treated like one when it’s all said and done. But you of the mainstream media don’t want to be treated like a blog anyway, right?

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  1. World of Isaac says:

    The days of people caring about "Tiger's vindictiveness" are over…

    The very same people that Tiger will get vindictive about are the same people that missed that whopper of a story for years because they were scared of his wrath.

    Tiger doesn't carry the same weight anymore nor will he ever.

    The aura around him has crashed and burned

  2. Could very well be true, but it won't stop him from still trying throw whatever weight he has left around.

    His vindictiveness won't hurt everyone, but it will hurt some.

  3. World of Isaac says:

    it might but I still don't think people are scared per se…

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