Seattle’s Lime Green Jerseys Are Gone Forever

They graced the field just once and we all gave a great big, WTF!!!!. And now they’re gone. Gone forever. We will never get watch the Seahawks run around looking like Sprite bottles with legs again.

Told that reporters were just concerned the team would go back to green jerseys, Mora smiled and said: “Those have been retired.”


“We didn’t win in them,” Mora said, referring back to the Seahawks’ Week 3 loss to the Chicago Bears at Qwest Field.

But, but, you don’t win much in any color, coach Mora.

“What I like is the Seahawk blue,” Mora said. “I won’t say I don’t like those, but I like our Seahawk blue with the accent of the lime green. And I can’t believe we’re talking about uniforms. But I brought it up, it’s my fault.”

Frankly coach, you’re 5-7. There’s not much to talk about.

Big Seahawks news: Green jerseys retired! (Seattle PI)

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