Roy E. Williams Guarantees Victory Over Saints

Dallas Cowboys’ supposed #1 receiver, Roy E. Williams did all but guarantee a victory over the New Orleans Saints on Saturday.

Williams has taken over as the resident “team trash talker” since T.O. is gone and is intently looking forward to beating the Saints in the Superdome this weekend.

On Tuesday Williams issued this statement to Dallas reporters:

“This is a two-round fight, and this is just the first round, in my eyes,” Williams said. “I don’t know about everybody else, but I think we’re going to see this team in the playoffs down the road.”

In case Williams hasn’t noticed, the Cowboys haven’t won a game in December in a few years. This December? The “Boys” are 0-2 so far.

The Cowboys are 8-5, and if the season ended today they would be the NFC’s 6th team in the playoffs. Just two weeks ago they were atop the NFC East. If they lose to the Saints on Saturday, their season is essentially over. But if they win, they will be clinging to a slight chance to make it to the postseason.

Either way, someone should put a muzzle on Williams. He hasn’t earned the right to blab absurdities to the media.

Williams:’We should be victorious’ (ESPN Dallas)

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