Pettite Had $11.75M Reasons To Remain A Yankee

While most 37-year old MLB players are lucky to get a deal worth 4 or 5 million, Andy Pettite’s 1-year deal is worth $11.75M.

Pettite had a pretty good regular season. He went 14-8 and had a 4.16 ERA.

His postseason performance was probably where he earned this payday. The vet was 4-0 and had a 3.52 ERA, while helping lead the Bombers to another World Series title.

Though he’s now the team’s third starter behind Sabathia and Burnett, the vet has managed to remain on the roster do to his clutch playoff performances.

As we know, in New York you get paid to win championships and not regular season games.

Pettite back with Yankees on 1-year,$11.75M deal (Fox Sports)

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