Paul Johnson: Punch Those Pesky UGA Fans In The Face

On the heels of Georgia Tech’s disappointing loss to in-state rival Georgia, Tech fans have been getting an earful from Georgia fans. And rightfully so.

Georgia has undoubtedly had a disappointing season. But when the Bulldogs beat their in-state rival who is also ranked #7 in the nation on their home field, of course their fans will relentlessly taunt Tech’s fans. Paul Johnson for one gets that. And for the Tech fans who don’t, Johnson has some words you can live by.

“Get a thick skin. Guy giving you a hard time and you get tired of it, punch him in the face,” [Johnson] said, tongue-in-cheek.

Sounds fair.  What you say UGA fans?

“I didnt look it up but I am pretty sure we have won 20+ games against the nerds since 1980,” wrote one fan on the DawgPost forum.

Nerds? That’s all you got? Needs more punching.

“What a buffoon!!!” wrote another UGA fan. “Can you imagine [Alabama Coach Nick] Saban or [Auburn Coach Gene] Chizic (sic) saying that about the Iron Bowl??”

Why yes, I could. Guess that means your point was not really a point.

Tech fans seem to be open to this new way of thinking.

“I was feeling bad all week and was having a hard time getting over the loss until he spoke,” wrote one fan on the Hive Sports Center forum.

“Great point by a great coach,” opined another.

So it sounds like the nerds will be getting physical in the near future. UGA fans beware.  And remember the first rule in a fight, never hit a man wearing glasses.

Annoyed by UGA fans? Tech’s Johnson says go ahead and punch them (AJC)

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