Notre Dame Is Packing It Up And Staying Home

The Notre Dame football program is pressed for time these days. The search for Charlie Weis’ successor is quietly in full court press mode. The black eyed golden boy and his favorite target named Golden are busy deciding if they will enter the NFL draft. And the rest of the boys are probably still trying to recover from a disappointing 6-6 campaign.

So of course, there isn’t any time to be thinking about going to a bowl game. And if there is indeed time, it sounds like the Irish aint interested.

Barring a severe last-minute change of heart by the team during a Friday meeting, the Irish are not expected to participate in a bowl this season.

One source familiar with the decision told the Tribune the choice already has been made. But rousing, across-the-board sentiment to play in a bowl during a Friday meeting with players and coaches might be enough to alter that course.

“I agree (no bowl) is the likely outcome, but we are reconvening the leadership counsel to make a final decision,” athletic director Jack Swarbrick said.

Guess that sucks for anyone hoping to watch the Golden Domers in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl or the GMAC Bowl. Actually, now that I think about it, it will suck not to be able to watch them take a “L” to the likes of Central Michigan. It’s probably best that they stay home.

Notre Dame unlikely to go to any bowl (Chicago Tribune)

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  1. Brian Beighley says:

    Stay Home Notre Dame no need for more embarassment this year.

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