Mississippi State Cowbells Are No Longer Just An Annoyance, Now They’re Weapons

Here we have a story that surely won’t surprise you. Frankly, you almost have to ask yourself what took so long for a story like this to trickle out of Starkville.

If you’re a college football fan, I’m sure you’ve heard the annoyance that is the Mississippi State cowbell. They are used at any and all points of the Bulldogs’ home games. First downs, timeouts, half time, whenever the mood hits the fans.

But with the season coming to an end and the Bulldogs taking down Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl last Saturday, one student took it upon himself to coin a new use for the trusty cowbell. Splitting the skull of a fellow fan.  How’s that for school spirit?

Mississippi State University police detectives are searching for a male suspect in the assault of a student with a cowbell amid the post-game celebration at last Saturday’s Egg Bowl game against arch-rival Ole Miss. MSU Police Department Sgt. Brad Massey said the male victim, 21, whose name is not being released amid concerns for his continued safety, suffered a severe head wound after the suspect struck him in the head with a cowbell.

The victim and the suspect — also believed to be an MSU student — were in the student section bleachers in the north end zone at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field near the northwest gate, Massey said Wednesday.
The victim had some friends from Ole Miss with him in the stands, and, after MSU won the football game, some verbal sparring occurred with the suspect that turned violent, culminating in the victim being struck with the cowbell, Massey said.

“It split his head open pretty badly,” said Massey, who would not comment on whether alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

Sounds like he got his bell rung, right? Right?

Lame? Yeah it was. I’ll stop there.

Popular MSU spirit symbol used in assault incident (Starkville Daily News)

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  1. Readers, just take a few minutes and google Ole Miss and liquor bottles and you will find many, many incidents where innocent fans were injured by thrown bottles compliments of the rebel nation.

    Can a cowbell cause physical damage to someone? Yes. Can a thrown bottle cause physical damage to someone? Yes.

    Cowbells and liquor bottles don't injure someone 'unless' a fan does something stupid. The approach you are using is a 'red herring.' Look it up if you don't know what it means.

  2. yea…..and liquor is banned from stadiums as well jackass. MSU openly encourages fans to bring in cowbells.

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