Marion Jones Wants To Play in the WNBA

Marion Jones wants to again make a living by being a professional athlete.

The former world class sprinter wants to play basketball in Europe and possibly in the WNBA.

Jones is no stranger to basketball; she received a full scholarship to play the sport at the University of North Carolina where she won a national title, but track later became her first love.

Since the steroid scandal and her release from prison in 2008, a six month sentence for lying to prosecutors about using PED’s, Jones has had a baby with husband and former sprinter Obadele Thompson, their third child together.

The disgraced sprinter, wife and mother should be given a second chance to redeem herself and win the right way. Besides, the WNBA could use all the publicity they can get, their ticket sales suck.

Marion Jones; Jailed track star now wants WNBA (The Post Chronicle)

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