Indianapolis Politician Wants Refund For Colts Fans

Since everyone seems to have their panties in a bunch over Colts’ head coach, Jim Caldwell’s decision to pull his starters in the 3rd quarter against the Jets, there’s definitely room for a little politician crazy talk. This edition of, “When politicians need to shut up” comes from Indianapolis City-County Council member, Beurt SerVaas.

SerVaas didn’t attend the game, but for those who did, he believes they should all get refunds. Because you know, your ticket price includes playing your starters until the end of the game. No matter what the implications may be down the road. Let’s see what SerVaas has to say on this matter.

After the Colts seemed to give away their shot at a perfect season, a longtime community leader asked the council to demand that the NFL refund the money paid for tickets. While there is some council support for the resolution, none of the 29 members so far have said they’d sponsor it. That’s a critical first step if the council is to act on the proposal.

Beurt SerVaas, a Republican who served on the council for 41 years, drafted the resolution after he watched the defeat on TV.

Like many fans, he was irate that coaches chose to bench quarterback Peyton Manning and other starters in the third quarter, resulting in a 29-15 loss that ended a 23-game regular-season winning streak.

Well how about this, SerVaas? Would you like to be irate about a loss or irate about Peyton Manning and other starters getting injured in a meaningless game.  Exactly.

Just another reason why politicians need to stick to politics.

SerVaas wants some payback for Colts fans (Indy Star)

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  1. The game was far from "meaningless" if you're a Colts fan. If the Colts had a loss or two, fine… it makes sense. But this wasn't a throw away game. I have never in my life seen an undefeated team on any level lay down and give up the chance to make their season perfect. Most teams would be dejected. Did New England sit out their starters in a close game during their undefeated run? Play to win or don't play at all. Really, all the Colts had to do was save everyone the time, effort and money by just forfeiting the game. Why not? They didn't care whether they won or lost, right? At the very least, why not announce to the fans "The starters will be pulled from the game after the 3rd quarter?" Whether you like it or not, the fans pay for this league and all the spoiled overpaid athletes that comprise it. I could give a shit if Manning got injured. He gets paid to play. That's his JOB. At least I'd have a helluva lot more respect for the guy if he fought the decision and got his ass out on the field. It was pathetic and you could tell the players were pissed. But no one had the guts to challenge the decision. I hope they get their asses handed to them by the Bills for further embarrassment and then lose in the playoffs. They deserve it.

  2. I understand all of those points. But do you know how much heat Caldwell would've got if he left them in and starters got hurt? If Manning was hurt?

    Yes, the fans do pay for this league. And yes, athletes are spoiled. But at the end of the day, their goal is a championship. No need to compromise that.

    I definitely don't agree with the timing. But I understand the decision.

  3. I agree you play to win, regardless! This just was not fair to the fans. Anyone at this game and it was their first NFL game got a p*** poor deal. We teach to do your best and then they decide to lie down and not give their best. What for? What about trying to make history. If records are meant to be broken, then why not play to break it. Lastly, what does this tell the young folks looking at the pro level. 15-0 don't guarantee anyone a superbowl appearance, that is why you play (play being the key word gentlemen) the game. If were up to paper stats, then you would have already penciled the colts and saints in the superbowl, but look at the saints now. You did a disservice to your fans and for that you should be ashamed. Especially as much as an NFL game ticket costs. Give them their money back, because you did not give your best, but maybe some young fan gave all that he had to watch you lay down. Shame on you Colts!

  4. Dallas Cowboys Nation says:

    Maybe this city counsel member is overstepping his bounds a little, but in the end he's just another fan that is disappointed that a team who can now make the playoffs is considered a meaningless game. That a team who would be out of playoff contention was worth ending a record breaking win streak, and the shot at a perfect season.

    Football is the gridiron sport, not golf. You don't layup and hope for the best, at least no team has ever done that before, not when they already were the best.

    How about this, the Colts only played 2/3 of that game before quitting, so they should only refund 1/3 of the ticket price? That would be more accurate at least.

    But here's the real question for you, since you're one of some who feel the Colts did the right thing – what happens when the fans, who's tax dollars helped pay for that big, new stadium in Indy, decide to not pay anymore? What if attendance drops? What if the team is so negatively affected by all this that they are disheartened? Did you actually look at Manning on the sidelines? He didn't look happy.

    What if the status quot changes now?

  5. It will be great to watch Indianapolis Colts, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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