Holmgren to Browns as GM?

Mike Holmgren is spending his second consecutive day in Cleveland meeting with Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner.

Holmgren is seeking to become the Browns GM, a title he held in Seattle with the Seahawks.

The former Seahawks and Green Bay coach led both teams to the Super Bowl and won it with the Packers in 1996.

“There’s something in my personality, too, that taking on those types of projects, that kind of gets me going. But there’s a lot of work to do,” Holmgren said while recently being interviewed by a Seattle radio station.

He’s got one thing right, it will be a project. One that will require long hours to turn the Browns’ franchise around.

The team has made the playoffs only once in the last ten seasons, so the 61-year-old definitely has his work cut out for him.

Holmgren meets with Browns for a second day (AP via Fox Sports)

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