Former NBA Player Chris Dudley Running For Governor

The 44-year-old Chris Dudley spent 16 years in the NBA. During his best season he averaged around 7ppg.

His career totals: 3.9ppg and 6.2rpg

Not very staggering stats by any means. At 6’11 Dudley was a hard worker on the court, but his greatest accomplishments may be yet to come.

As a Yale graduate, Dudley has a supreme education and hopes it helps him in his new career, politics.

Dudley plans to seek Oregon’s Republican nomination to run for governor. When the question of his experience, or lack there of was mentioned, Dudley said, “I believe it is a strength, not a weakness, that I have not spent the last 30 years in politics.”

So far he’s raised nearly $400K for his gubernatorial campaign, the primaries will be held in May.

With minimal effort, luck or support, Chris Dudley’s political career should be more successful than the one he had in the NBA. For his sake and the sake of Oregonians, I hope so.

Ex-NBA center Dudley running for governor (Fox Sports)

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