ESPN Throws Antonio Cromartie Under The Bus

Don’t know if you watched ESPN’s Outside The Lines yesterday, but they ran a story about Florida State’s academic issues that led to them being put on probation. The thing that caught my eye was when it was stated that Antonio Cromartie’s agent, Gary Wichard declined to be interviewed for the story but admitted that Cromartie has some “language deficiencies.” Then on top of that, former FSU player Fred Rouse (who was kicked off the team for burglary) claims that Cromartie can only read one or two words per minute.

Pro Football Talk got Wichard on the horn and he denied that he told ESPN that Cromartie has “language deficiencies”.

Wichard told us today by phone that he never said that Cromartie had “language deficiencies” or anything remotely similar to that.

Wichard also told us that, contrary to the representation from former Florida State receiver Fred Rouse that Cromartie could read only one or two words per minute, Cromartie has no deficiencies with reading or writing.

Wichard said he was with Cromartie in the offseason, while Cromartie was filming a commercial, reading off a teleprompter while doing so.

Wichard made another great point: Cromartie is one of the more prolific pro football tweeters , a skill that requires (wait for it) the ability to read and write.

Why would Wichard decline to speak on the story, then before he hangs up say, ”by the way my client has trouble reading”? ESPN should take some heat for this because they are trying to call someone dumb on the sly and then create false sources to justify themselves. 

Wichard denies telling ESPN that Cromartie has “language deficiencies” (PFT)

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  1. The sad thing is that it is believable for a player in the NFL that played at a big to have difficulty reading or writing.

  2. Cromartie could end this by calling up ESPN and reading a paragraph from a text book he picked up during his FSU days. He must have at least one. If a national televised program claimed that I couldn't read and write I'd call them on it.

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