Earnest Graham Thinks That 30% Of NFL Players Use HGH

On the heels of shocking report that links Tiger Woods in a HGH scandal, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Earnest Graham took to the airwaves on 1010 WQYK-AM in Tampa and proclaimed that HGH is basically a part of life in the NFL.

“They don’t have a [drug] test for [HGH]. It wouldn’t shock me if a ton … I’d say a lot of NFL players are doing it,” Graham said. “I would say, I’ve heard a lot of people, even in Hollywood the average person is [using] HGH. It’s supposed to be this great thing. Especially in a sport like football. You know, I would assume that a lot of guys have access to it and are using it. I would assume so. I wouldn’t doubt it, man, with what’s at stake. Especially in this game, not having guaranteed contracts you know with so much riding on your performance, a game that tears your body down like that, I would assume that a lot of people are making that decision to use HGH. Especially if there’s not a test for it. Because at some point you feel like you’re not cheating, you’re not doing anything wrong. I would say definitely. I would not be shocked.”

“Any sport, guys come across injuries and need to get back fast and come back stronger than they were before. I wouldn’t be shocked. I don’t know that I’d really make a big deal about it if I heard it. It’s kind of understood for me at this point,” Graham said.

“Not a test for [HGH]. I don’t think a guy would think it’s cheating. No. I mean they know it [is cheating]. But I don’t think it registers. …I would say 30 percent [are using HGH]. I have no idea how to come across it. Not that I’m looking for it. I don’t know anybody. It’s not something that a guy would just, unless you really trust a guy, to open up and talk about. You know what I mean. …I’ve heard a guy talk about HGH but not [that he’s doing it].”

The fact that there isn’t a test for HGH pretty much guarantees that Graham is spot on. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if 30% is low. The question now is, when does Goodell sic the dogs on Graham and he begins to backpedal? I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out.

Earnest Graham Says 30 Percent Using HGH (Joe Bucs Fan)

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