The Darko Milicic Experiment Is Coming To An End

The 2003 NBA draft was star studded. You know the names. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Darko Milicic. All of these guys have blossomed into stars, all except Milicic.  Milicic rode the wave of the “next big international star” in the NBA, and it never materialized.

Milicic began his career buried on the Detroit Pistons’ bench, and after stops in Orlando, Memphis, and now New York, Darko has had enough of the pine in the NBA.  So now it’s time to try the pine out in Europe.

Fed-up Knicks center Darko Milicic told The Post he has decided to play in Europe next season.

“Whatever happens, I’m going back next year,” the 7-foot-1 Milicic said after yesterday’s Knicks practice at Moody Bible Institute. “It’s 100-percent certain. I have to be real and not lie. I’m not going to get it done in the NBA. I’m not going to get another opportunity and there’s nothing wrong with going back to Europe. I don’t want to create a bad atmosphere here, but it’s not working in the NBA.”

Milicic, picked No. 2 in the 2002 NBA draft, ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, said he will consider any European team.

“I don’t give a bleep about the money,” Milicic said. “I just want to enjoy the basketball. I’d like to have the ball in my hands and have an offense run through me. I’m not just a defensive player.”

I think I’ve seen enough of Mr. Milicic to say that no offense will be running through him anytime soon.

Darko plans European return as he can’t get off Knicks bench (New York Post)

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