The Cubs Have Finally Found Someone To Take Milton Bradley Off Their Hands

The Cubs have finally talked the Seattle Mariners into taking troubled outfielder, Milton Bradley off their hands. But it’s not like they’re pulling the wool over the Mariners’ eyes. The Mariners also gets to rid themselves of a player they have no more us for.

The Cubs have agreed to send Bradley to Seattle for Silva, as first posted by colleague Larry Stone. Silva had damage to his rotator cuff and labrum last season and hasn’t really pitched since May, other than a couple of relief efforts. But the Cubs are willing to take that chance.

This is a huge deal for the Mariners. It’s a no-brainer. Silva no longer had a position in the rotation and Bradley — on the field — has a potent bat when his off-field distractions aren’t harming him.

Carlos Silva for Milton Bradley is going down (The Seattle Times)

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