The Big Ten Aint Stopping At 12 Teams, May Expand To 14 Or 16

See what you did? See what you did? You’ve been calling for the Big Ten to expand. And now, they’re threatening to EXPAND!!! So instead of adding one school to be trampled mercilessly in BCS games, they’re contemplating bringing as many as three schools into the fold.  Three teams!!!

Multiple Big Ten sources told the Chicago Tribune Wednesday that 14 teams, even 16, could be in play as it relates to the Big Ten’s potential expansion. “Anything is possible,” one source said, beyond the conventional wisdom of simply adding a 12th school.

A conference statement spoke of an “evaluation of options for conference structure and expansion.”

One option the Big Ten will not pursue is an odd number of schools — again.

But don’t be shocked if the conference of Bo and Woody adds three plates — or more — to the table.

If this does happen, God help us all. You know why? This is the Big Ten. The same Big Ten that was arrogant enough to think that they don’t need a championship game in football. And if they expand to 14 or 16 teams, they will be arrogant enough to believe that they are the “Super Conference”.

If you thought the SEC and its fans were bad. You just wait.

How about Big 14? (Chicago Tribune)

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