At The University Of Missouri, The Players Assault The Cheerleaders

Just look at these faces. Poor girls. They just wanted to go to school, get their degree, and cheer. Nothing more, nothing less. Instead, they have to go through an ordeal like getting assaulted by a student athlete.

I was taught to never hit a woman. Someone should kick this guy’s you know what. Totally, totally unacceptable.

What’s that you say? These two girls are the assaulters? Oh ok. No problem. I’ll just take this in a different direction. Why do kids today always have to jump someone? Why couldn’t it have been an one-on-one fight? That woman didn’t deserved to be jumped. No matter what she said or did.

What’s that you say? The cheerleader wasn’t a woman? It was a man? GET OUTTA HERE! Oh, you’re serious? Ok.

The Missouri women’s basketball team is moving forward without its two leading scorers.

Seniors Amanda Hanneman and Jessra Johnson have been suspended indefinitely, Coach Cindy Stein said yesterday, after police said the pair assaulted a 21-year-old male cheerleader for the MU football and men’s basketball teams early Friday morning.

Ummm. Ok. This is still unacce…..I think I’ll just shut up now.

Hanneman and Johnson were arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault. Both were released on $500 bond.

The incident happened in the hours after Missouri beat Texas Pan-American 83-34 on Thursday night at Mizzou Arena. Columbia police Sgt. Timothy Moriarity said Hanneman and Johnson were among a group that left a Columbia bar for an apartment at 36 N. Cedar Drive.

Moriarity said the altercation began around 2 a.m. when one of the apartment’s tenants complained the gathering was too loud. The complainant, a senior at Missouri, was left with a broken nose and an eye injury.

Moriarity called it a “dynamic disturbance,” with at least eight people “trying to break it up, different people trying to get involved.” He said Hanneman and Johnson left the apartment after the dispute but the victim and witnesses gave the police a description of the two players. Their vehicle was pulled over nearby.

Poor guy. I hope he’s ok. And no, I’m not laughing.

Johnson, Hanneman suspended (Columbia Daily Tribune)

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