Your Obligatory New York Yankees Are 2009 MLB Champions Post

Yes, the New York Yankees won their 27th World Championship last night. Now it’s time for reactions.

- Of course, there are the scores of people that wonder if the Yanks bought their championship. Of course they did. How is this wrong again?

- The parade is set for Friday. Send pictures if you attend.

- Japanese fans celebrate Hideki Matsui becoming the first Japanese-born player to win the Most Valuable Player of the World Series.

- Speaking of Matsui, will the Yanks let him walk next season?

- After being second guessed much of the playoffs, Joe Girardi is now a genius. See what winning can do for you.

-  Pedro just didn’t have enough last night.

- Charlie Manuel vows that this isn’t the last time you will see the “Fightin Phils” in the World Series. Something tells me he just may be right.

- Rematch? Here’s a few obstacles that stand in the way.

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