Your NFL Midseason Review

Now that we are at the halfway point in the 2009 NFL season, I’ve decided to do a little midseason review of what we have witnessed from the 32 teams. We’ll take a look at things we’ve learned, what we thought we knew, and some things that we really can’t understand.

What we now know:

– There are seven teams, that’s right seven teams with a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl. Those seven teams being: New Orleans, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and as always New England.

– Brett Favre still has it. Whatever “it” is the 40 year old has it. For the first time in forever his touchdown passes don’t equal his interceptions and he is doing all he can to get one more shot at an NFL championship.

– Josh McDaniels isn’t the idiot we thought he was. When I first heard that Jay Cutler had been traded to the Bears for Kyle Orton, I immediately slammed my XBOX 360 controller into the ground and watched it blow up all over the place. That is exactly what I thought McDaniels had done to the team. But after the great roster moves made during the offseason and 6-0 start, McDaniels has to be the early candidate for Coach of the Year honors.

What We Thought We Knew

– We thought that Peyton Manning may have finally saw a decline in his play. Surely without Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy there would be a decline.  Boy were we wrong. He’s on pace for one of his best seasons statistically since his record setting ’04 season in which he threw 49 touchdown passes. And to top it all off, he’s got the Colts off to a perfect start. Even if it hasn’t come against top tier competition.

– We thought that the Raiders and Redskins could bring all of their talent together. and maybe make a difference in the NFL for a change, but again we were wrong. Jamarcus Russell is making all of his doubters look like geniuses after they correctly predicted that he isn’t a hard worker and would not be a top NFL quarterback. As for the Skins, signing Big Albert Haynesworth during the offseason proves to be yet another costly addition that hasn’t translated into anything but more losses.

What we just don’t understand

– We can’t understand why there are so many bad teams in the NFL. This isn’t college football where you can easily pick blowouts whenever a good team plays a bad team. This is the pros. Everyone should have a legitimate shot at winning each week. But in the cases of almost 10 teams, they have almost no shot at winning. Unless of course they are playing each other.

– We can’t understand why the Titans are so bad. Could it be that Albert Haynesworth was the key to that dominant defense from last season? And that he made it easier for everyone on that defense to go to the Pro Bowl last season? Kerry Collins looked like a “one hit wonder” and  he’s now back on the bench backing up Vince Young. The only thing this team has going for them is the 2nd best running back in the league in Chris Johnson. Maybe they can get it together in these last 8 games and start off the 2010 season like they did last season. But this season is over for them.

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