Your NFL Game Of The Week: Patriots vs Colts

New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 8:20 pm

Week 10 is upon us and it boasts only two important games, but both of them are big ones. In the first matchup, the Cincinnati Bengals go to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers in what could be the deciding game in the AFC North. This game would have easily been GOTW had it not been for the real Game of the Week. Whenever the Colts lock up with the Patriots, it’s sure to be a great game that comes down to a last second field goal or something of the sort.

Key Matchups

Peyton Manning vs. New England Defense: Is it just me or does Manning never ever get sacked? I mean EVER! It seems as if the only defense that ever gives him real problems is the Patriots defense. And this will have to happen again this Sunday night for New England to have a chance. Manning has been shredding defenses through the air this year yardage wise, but in the last couple of weeks that hasn’t translated into touchdowns. He will have to find Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark in the end zone this week or the Colts could be in trouble.

Patriots’ running backs vs. Indianapolis’ Defense: New England has to establish a consistent running game for them to be considered a threat to win the Super bowl again this year. Teams are starting to key in on the spread type offense that they run…sort of. Their stable of backs in Lawrence Maroney, Kevin Faulk, and Sammy Morris will have to have some type of impact on this game for New England’s offense to sustain drives and move the ball down the field. They also will have to help on the pass rush when the Patriots do decide to get into their spread. They will need to find a way to keep Dwight Freeney at bay all game.

X- Factor

Lucas Oil Stadium: The winner of the big games between these two teams is usually the one with home field advantage, which gives the Colts a slight edge in this game. It’s not as loud as the old RCA Dome from what I understand, but hey, the Colts are undefeated so the home field has to have something to do with it.


New England 20, Indianapolis 17: I figure that some things will hold true to form in this budding rivalry between the two teams. I think this will be a “whoever has the ball last” type of game that will come down to a field goal. But I don’t see the home team pulling this one out. This is the kind of game where Bill Belichick will let his team know that this is the game where they put fear into every team’s heart including Pittsburgh if they win. Besides, it’s not like the Colts are going undefeated. Even if they were to go 15 – 1, this is the game that they really weren’t supposed to win.

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