Your College Football Previewrooski: Week 11

Had a rough week with my picks last week, but I did call the upset of Oregon. And I got my game of the week right as well.

Record 170-32

Game Of The Week

#10 Iowa Hawkeyes VS #11 Ohio State Buckeyes

This game will determine who wins the Big Ten title, and who goes to the Rose Bowl. I really don’t think this game is going to be a contest. Iowa is still going to be hurting and Ohio State will take advantage big time.

Ohio State 31 Iowa 14

Upset Special

North Carolina over #14 Miami

North Carolina is starting to play better every week now, and Miami has a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball. With North Carolina being at home and with their offense starting to get better, this has all the makings of a upset.

North Carolina 28 Miami 24

Top 25 Rundown


#24 South Florida VS Rutgers – I like Rutgers to pull the upset. 20-10 Rutgers


#25 West Virginia VS #5 Cincinnati – Close game, but Cincinnati will come out on top. 28-14 Cincy


#1 Florida VS South Carolina – South Carolina will keep it close, but the gators will pull it out. Barely. 23-14 Florida

#2 Alabama VS Mississippi State – Look for Bama defense to shutout the bulldogs. 27-0 Bama

#3 Texas VS Baylor – This should be over by halftime. 49-13 Texas

#4 TCU VS #16 Utah – Good close game, but TCU will win. 28-17 TCU

#6 Boise State VS Idaho – This should be over by halftime. 56-10 Boise

#7 Georgia Tech VS Duke – Duke will make it a game, but they won’t be able to stop GT. 45-28 GT

#8 LSU VS Louisiana Tech – Look for this to be over by the 3rd quarter. 35-10 LSU

#9 USC VS Stanford – Stanford is going to push USC down to the last minute, but USC will win. 31-28 USC

#12 Pittsburgh VS Notre Dame – Charlie Weis needs this game badly. And the Irish will play hard, but I like Pittsburgh to win in a close one. 24-21 Pitt

#13 Oregon VS Arizona State – Look for Oregon to get back on track with a nice offensive performance. 38-21 Oregon

#15 Houston VS UCF – Look for this to be over by the 3rd quarter. 45-17 Houston

#17 Arizona VS California – First true test for the Wildcats. And I think they pass with flying colors. 35-14 Arizona

#18 Penn State VS Indiana – Look for this to be over by the 3rd quarter. 56-10 Penn State

#19 Oklahoma State VS Texas Tech – Close game that I think Oklahoma State will win. 34-31 Ok St

#20 Wisconsin VS Michigan – Even though they are struggling, I like Michigan in this one. 28-21 Michigan

#21 Virginia Tech VS Maryland – Should be over by the 3rd quarter. 38-7 VT

#22 BYU VS New Mexico – This should be over by the 3rd quarter. 45-17 BYU

#23 Oregon State VS Washington – Close game, but Oregon State will win. 38-24 Oregon St

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