Why Your Coach Would Go To Notre Dame: Paul Johnson Edition

Ok, let’s all just agree that Charlie Weis is gone after the season.

Now that the easy part is out of the way, let’s talk about his successor. And the fear that your school’s head coach may be that guy.

Yes. He could be that guy. If he couldn’t, why are journalist compelled to give reasons on why he wouldn’t go? Case in point, the AJC’s Mark Bradley giving his 5 reasons Paul Johnson isn’t going to Notre Dame.

That’s all well and good and all, Mark. And even sweet that you think Paul Johnson wouldn’t go to Notre Dame. But the fact of the matter is that he would (just like many coaches would), and he may. Let’s go over why. By debunking his reasons, of course. That makes this so much easier.

1. He’s a little too much like Charlie Weis. Meaning: He’s blunt, and he can’t be coached in the gentle art of public relations. That works in Atlanta, where there’s one daily newspaper, but might not in South Bend, where the college team is covered by the Chicago papers in addition to the South Bend folks. Notre Dame is going to want a charmer this time around,[….]

This one is easy pickins. You know what cures being blunt? Winning. That’s what Charlie Weis didn’t do enough of.

Remember when he DID win with Brady Quinn and the boys? He was able to parlay that into a 10-year deal. All while being blunt.

So make no mistake, if Paul Johnson wins at Notre Dame, he could drop F bombs at every press conference and still be loved.

2. Notre Dame isn’t just a program; it’s a TV show. Meaning: Appearances matter. NBC might not be thrilled about the prospects of airing a team that runs the football 83 percent of the time.

I guess Bradley is serious with this one, but I’m not sure how he could be. People want to see offense, scoring, and big plays. Johnson’s offense does all of the above.  NBC will be thrilled to be showing what people want to see.

3. Notre Dame cares about recruiting rankings. Johnson famously does not. The subway alumni wouldn’t like it if their adopted team didn’t show up in Rivals’ top 10.

Maybe at the beginning. After Johnson shows that he can win with these players, the subway alumni will quiet down.  Mainly, because they won’t have any to complain about.  You can’t complain about low ranked recruiting classes when you’re winning with them.

4. He’s happy at Georgia Tech. In two years Johnson has become not just a hero but something approaching a legend. [….]

And Johnson doesn’t want to live in South Bend. He’s a Southern guy who has a nice spread in Vinings — “Inside the Perimeter,” he always takes pains to say — and doesn’t even have to take an Interstate to work.

It’s funny that you bring up being a legend, Mark. Johnson may in fact be approaching legendary status at Tech. But what if he is that guy that brings the Irish back? He’ll be an even bigger legend. And we all know that Notre Dame legend > Georgia Tech legend.

I do agree that Johnson doesn’t want to live in South Bend.  Who does?  But I certainly would, for the right price and the chance to maybe climb to the top of the college football mountain.  All of which can be attained at Notre Dame, not Georgia Tech.

5. Notre Dame once hired a coach from Tech. The perfect union, right? A feisty Irishman coaching the Fighting Irish. It lasted 3 1/2 days. Even Cher and Gregg Allman made it past a week.

Do I really need to comment on this one? Good, because I didn’t even know where to start.  Mainly, because it has no bearing on Paul Johnson.  No bearing at all.

Will Johnson go?  I don’t know.  Should he go?  I also, don’t know.  But one thing is sure, to me at least, that there is a chance he would.  Better start bracing yourself Tech fans, just in case.

5 reasons Paul Johnson isn’t going to Notre Dame (Mark Bradley, AJC)

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  1. Charlie Weis must stay. He has done a tremendous job leading the famed Irish to mediocrity. After a few more seasons of his coaching, the spoiled fans will be begging for Coach Davies to wake up the echoes.

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