Whose Overrated Product Did You Try?

The college football season is hitting it’s home stretch and the time has come for a little reflection. Oh yes. Did you really think that you would go the entire season without being called out, Mr. “Overrated Product”?

We had to endure an entire summer of hearing why you’ll be so good this season.  And now, it’s November. Why aren’t you good? Oh, because you were overrated, of course.

But this isn’t just about you, Mr. “Overrated Product”.  Oh no.  There are now victims. The people that actually put stock in your overrated product and now they can’t bear Saturdays. This is for those victims. An “Overrated Product Anonymous”, if you will. Once you admit that you tried one of these products, then the healing can begin.

Ole Miss Rebels
Preseason AP Ranking: 8
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 10
Current BCS Ranking: unranked, 5-3 (2-3)

This product probably has the most victims. The build up was epic. Beat Florida and Texas Tech last season. Your quarterback returns and is hailed as the surefire Heisman winner this season. You rise all the way up to #4 in the polls only to lose to South Carolina. And then you lose to Alabama and Auburn. Not to mention, you have two more possible losses left on the schedule in LSU and Tennessee.

USC Trojans
Preseason AP Ranking: 4
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 4
Current BCS Ranking: 12, 6-2 (3-2)

If you bought this product, you deserve any misery you’re experiencing. All the signs were there. Freshman quarterback. Young defense replacing many starters. But yet, people bought in. How’s that working out now?

Oklahoma State Cowboys
Preseason AP Ranking: 9
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 11
Current BCS Ranking: 19, 6-2 (3-1)

I’m sure most were weary of this product, but they bought it anyways. Hasn’t been a total disappointment, but the Cowboys were once a top 5 team in the AP poll. Granted, it was only for a week, but they were.

Everything you need to know about whether this product was overrated or not was shown in the way the NCAA dealt with the Dez Bryant situation. If the NCAA truly thought OSU was legit, Dez Bryant would’ve been playing weeks ago.

Cal Bears
Preseason AP Ranking: 12
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 12
Current BCS Ranking: 20, 6-2 (3-2)

If you bought this product, you’re probably a Cal alum.  Scratch that.  You better be a Cal alum.  Fans and bandwagoners should’ve seen right through this one.

Georgia Bulldogs
Preseason AP Ranking: 13
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 13
Current BCS Ranking: unranked, 4-4 (3-3)

Not sure what people saw in this product, but it was bought. Needless to say, people are very unhappy with it.

Florida State Seminoles
Preseason AP Ranking: 18
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 19
Current BCS Ranking: unranked, 4-4 (2-3)

This was the product that I’m guilty of buying. Mainly because I’m an alum. There was talk of an ACC Championship, a BCS bowl, and of being “back”. Instead of those things, there’s been a revolt that Bobby Bowden may not survive.

BYU Cougars
Preseason AP Ranking: 20
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 24
Current BCS Ranking: unranked, 6-2 (3-1)

Remember BYU being dubbed as a possible BCS buster? Especially after pulling off the upset against Oklahoma? Well they crashed back to earth pretty quickly, huh?

North Carolina
Preseason AP Ranking: 21
Preseason Coaches Ranking: 20
Current BCS Ranking: unranked, 5-3 (1-3)

Another year, another “this is the year”. Wrists in Chapel Hill undoubtedly have multiple slit marks.

So go ahead.  Get it out of your system and confess.

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