Tracy McGrady Is Itching To Get Injured Again

We’re all aware that Tracy McGrady was hurt last season. We’re also aware that McGrady has never, ever, ever played the entire 82 games in a NBA season. And he has had 11 seasons to accomplish that feat.

With those facts withstanding, conventional wisdom says that McGrady would sit his tail down until he’s completely healed from microfracture surgery on his left knee. But as you’ve probably guessed, McGrady is not interested in dealing in conventional wisdom. Only getting back on the floor to face his inevitable injury fate. To reach his fate, he decided to confront Rockets’ coach, Rick Adelman. Yahoo! Sports has the tale of the unusual lengths he took to get his point across.

The argument was precipitated when McGrady arrived at the Target Center in Minneapolis so determined to have a substantive discussion with his coach that he dressed in his game uniform and undertook his pregame routine as though he had been activated after missing 41 straight games with microfracture surgery on his left knee.

As McGrady walked back to the locker room after shooting with his teammates on the court, he passed Adelman in a corridor and his appearance in uniform appeared to surprise his coach. The fact McGrady had asked the equipment manager to bring out his uniform – especially on the Nov. 18 date that he had recently told Yahoo! Sports was his target for a return – clearly had his coach’s attention.

Cue up the yelling and door slamming. It’s on!

Eventually, Adelman returned to the locker room and retreated with McGrady into an adjacent coach’s office. McGrady slammed the door behind him, a witness said, and that marked the start of a tense, sometimes loud exchange that could be heard in the locker room, sources said.

In the discussion, McGrady challenged Adelman to tell him the coach’s plans and timetable for the seven-time All-Star’s eventual return to the roster, sources say. McGrady felt like Adelman had been uncommunicative with him for weeks, and no longer wanted to hear from Rockets general manager Daryl Morey or trainer Keith Jones about the team’s desire to make him wait until next week to take another MRI.

“Tracy was just determined to make Rick talk to him,” a source close to McGrady said. “That’s why he put on the uniform and went through all that. … He wanted to get his attention. He’d like to know if he’s wanted back or not.”

The lengths that a man takes to get his point across. I’m not sure what Adelman took from this, but it’s clear that McGrady just wants to get the next injury out of the way. You know, to get to the rehabbing and wearing fancy suits on the sidelines. Wouldn’t you like to get paid an insane amount of money to do that? Yeah, you would.

McGrady unsure whether Rockets want him (Yahoo! Sports)

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