Questionable Poses: Dwyane Wade Gets His Soul Glo On

This edition of “Questionable Poses” is a pose that isn’t very questionable at all.  Other than him being shirtless in one of these.  But try not to pay attention to that one.  Unless you like that one.  If you do, that cool with me bro.  Do yo thang. 

But we’ll just focus on the one where he’s clothed.  Because see, that ensemble has to be the best Halloween costume that we’ve seen this year.  Jheri curl, teal suit, white penny loafers?  Mississippi pimps around Mississippi would be proud.

You may not agree, but since we have a special place in our hearts for the jheri curl, especially when an athlete rocks one, Dwyane Wade definitely takes the crown for best Halloween costume.

And if you’re struggling with who he could possibly be dressed as, we have an idea.

* Images via D. Wade’s Twitter 1 & D. Wade’s Twitter 2

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  1. Steve Brown says:

    I think it's Randy Watson

  2. San Diego Chargers jerseys says:


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