Picture This: Dick Vitale Invading Your Final Four Viewing

Let this thought sink in:

Dick Vitale is having small heart attacks after every big play that is made. And you hear ever minute of it while you’re watching a NCAA Final Four game. You think you’re ready for that? If not, your better get ready, because ESPN is chomping at the bit at a chance to allow Dick Vitale to take over your Final Four weekend.

NEW YORK — If the NCAA opts out early next year from its 11-year, $6 billion contract with CBS for the men’s basketball tournament, ESPN would be interested in bidding for the rights to March Madness, said Burke Magnus, ESPN’s senior vice president of college sports programming.

Yep, the Final Four as you know it just may be over.

“We do 1,100 college basketball games a year and they all lead to one thing and that’s the NCAA tournament,” Magnus told USA TODAY Wednesday. “If it were to become available, and fit the definition of a business decision for us, I’m quite certain we’d be interested.”

For those of you that aren’t versed in “business-speak”, what Magnus is trying to convey there is “you’re d*#n right we want to take over the NCAA tournament”.

If ESPN were to get the Big Dance, nobody would be happier than analyst Dick Vitale, who is reduced to studio duty in March instead of being courtside.

“I know Dick would be the first one on line there. It would be great for him and great for the sport,” Magnus said.

Sucks that we don’t have a comment from Dickie V. on this. So I guess, well have to use our imaginations. Or just make one up.

This should do: “I’m extremely excited at the chance of working the Final Four for ESPN. A chance to watch all the PTPers and Diaper Dandies battle in some Maalox Mashers would be awesome baby with a capital A.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to head over to watch the Dukies practice, baby!”

Yep, the Final Four as you know it just may be over.

ESPN interested in bidding for the rights to March Madness (USA Today)

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