Penn State’s "White Out" Brings Out The Terrelle Pryor Zingers In T-Shirt Form

This weekend’s Ohio State-Penn State tussel in Happy Valley may not interest you, but it definitely has the interest of the students of each university.  So much so that the Penn State Marketing Association took design submissions from students for their annual shirt sale.  The result is the zingtastic design above.

To prepare for the football game against Penn State’s biggest opponent, the Penn State Marketing Association has designed a special Ohio State-themed White Out T-shirt.

The $10 shirt features the Nittany Lion handing a tissue to Ohio State player Terrelle Pryor. The tagline: “The Nutcracker: A Terrelle Cryer Story.”

The design by Jinder Bhogal (sophomore-business administration) was chosen from many designs submitted for the shirt sale, which the PSMA has held for three years.

Those wacky Penn State students and their amazingly accurate designs. Shame on them.

T-shirt’s design ridicules Pryor (The Daily Collegian)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "In regards to the T-Shirt design published in The Daily Collegian on Nov. 3, the Penn State Marketing Association would like to the issue the following statement: We did not intend for this shirt to offend Terrelle Pryor, The Ohio State University, or Penn State Athletics, and we apologize for any offense it caused. We share in Penn State's commitment to a strong tradition of sportsmanship, honor, and integrity, and understand that this shirt design does not align with these values. The Penn State Marketing Association is recalling all shirts and will dispose of them accordingly." -Issued today

  2. I've seen much worse on T-shirts. Shame something like this ruffled feathers.

  3. If Terrelle or Ohio State U has a problem with this shirt they should make a statement with their gameplay. but since they have no business in the top 25 the OSU cryors have taken a beautiful shirt from the fans

  4. Gotta agree with that. Frankly, OSU shouldn't even be worried about the T-shirts that the students are wearing. They need to be concentrating on the game.

  5. I think OSU proved that they were the better team with what they did on the Field. The next time Penn State wants to take a cheap shot at a team, they better back it up.

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