Kevin Martin’s Injury Ensures The Kings The Most Lottery Balls In The Draft Lottery

Not that the Sacramento Kings didn’t have a great chance to have the most lottery balls at season’s end, but now it’s pretty much a given. That’s because Kevin Martin, aka “The Kings’ only hope”, injured his wrist and may be out up to 8 weeks.

An MRI revealed that the league’s third-leading scorer – and the Kings’ best player – sustained a hairline fracture Monday night in a collision with the Memphis Grizzlies’ Allen Iverson.

Martin was presented with three options, all of them terrible:

He can wear a soft cast and attempt to play, risking further injury and possibly a complete break. He can undergo surgery and have a screw inserted to stabilize the bone, with recovery projected at six to eight weeks. Or he can have the arm casted and hope that the wrist heals itself during a comparable six- to eight-week rehabilitation period.

This news leaves the Kings with their own three options:

1. Draft Lottery
2. Draft Lottery
3. Draft Lottery

Martin may be out 6-8 weeks (Sac Bee)

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