Jim Nantz gets a divorce, cheaper to keep her

Jim Nantz Even if he doesn’t want it any more, Nantz is still going to pay for it.

‘It’ refers to his ex-wife of 26 years, Anne-Lorraine Carlsen Nantz. Nantz was ordered by Judge Howard Owens in Bridgeport, CT to pay his wife $916K dollars a year in alimony and child support.

Wow. That’s a lot of money, right. Not for CBS’s top sportscaster. Nantz’s salary is about $3.2M a year.

Not only did the ex get the money, she was also awarded the family house in Connecticut and the condominium. The two ex-lovebirds were awarded joint-custody of their 15-year old daughter Caroline, but Nantz must pay for her college costs until age 23.

What else did Anne get? She is still the beneficiary of Nantz’s $3M life insurance policy, the current accounts have to be split and Jim has to pay $70K for her to join the country club of her choice.

The marriage reportedly ended because Mrs. Nantz didn’t feel passionate about the lifestyle and career of her husband, a lifestyle that will allow her to be a stay-at-home mother for the rest of her life. Hypocritical, huh? Maybe she’ll refuse the money…… No way. She actually wanted $1.5M a year, but was denied.

I forgot to mention she’ll receive alimony payments for the rest of Jim’s life, as long as she doesn’t re-marry. Her next guy will love that. He can have all the perks, spend Jim’s money, but he doesn’t have to buy the cow.

Sportscaster Nantz to pay ex-wife $916K a year (FOXSports.com)

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