The Imagination Of A ‘Big Baby’

Boston Celtic forward, Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis, foolishly uttered revelations of his intended career plans after he becomes a NBA All-Star.

If he only knew that he would never be an All-Star, maybe he would have kept his outlandish comments to himself. What comments? In an interview with ESPN’s Chris Broussard, Davis stated:

“When I become an All-Star in the NBA, when I become a great player in the NBA, then I’ll try football. One of my dreams has always been to play football

Davis was a great football player in high school and played a little defensive end, tackle and running back. Imagine a 6-foot-9, 300lbs. running back…..

It’s a noble goal. Even though he is big and perhaps agile enough to play in the NFL, he is not tough enough. Crying on a NBA sideline is bad enough, but that same action is unacceptable on the grid-iron.

Davis is currently on injured reserve due to an off court scuffle with a friend. It would be ideal, and I’m sure the Celtics would agree, for him to focus on getting healthy and help his team vie for another title.

‘Big Baby’ wants to play in NFL (ESPN)


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