If Iverson Wants A Ring, He Should Listen To Me

First off, let me say that I’m a huge Lakers fan and a huge A.I. fan on the low. I’ve always respected and appreciated the way he’s played the game of basketball from all of his years in Philadelphia up until his brief stint with the Nuggets a couple of years back. But his time spent with the last two teams in his career being Detroit and Memphis, makes me question exactly what Iverson is playing for. He always claims that it’s all about winning for him. So if that is the case, why in the heck did he sign with the Grizzlies in the first place? I mean what would make him think that Memphis, no matter how bad of a team they are, would bench their young up and coming point guard Mike Conley Jr. for him?

I’ll tell you the perfect fit for Iverson if he really wants a championship ring, which is what all HOF players should have on their resume before their career is over. A trade to the Los Angeles Lakers would be an ideal spot for Iverson to finish his career and have his best shot ever at winning a championship. Let’s think about this for second. First off if you’re the Lakers, you ship anyone with the combination of Sasha Vuatrash and Jordan Farmar to Memphis for Iverson. I’m sure that Derek Fisher would have no problem moving to the bench to back up Iverson. And the only thing Iverson would have to understand is that no one comes before #24 and #16 in the gold and purple.

The Lakers would undoubtedly end up with the best bench in the league with the likes of Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown, Luke Walton, and D.J. Mbenga. My feeling is that if the Celtics could make it work with 4 former franchise players on one team, then why can’t the Lakers? Now imagine the triangle being ran with the starting five of Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, and a healthy Andrew Bynum…you wouldn’t find a team in the league that could compete with them in a four game series. Guaranteed.

With all that said, this would be a long shot simply because “Zen Man” Phil and Mitch Kupchack could find this detrimental to the teams chemistry. But hey, if you can bring in Dennis Rodman to that great Bulls team of the 90’s and Ron Artest to the Lakers now, then anything is possible. Iverson would go out on top and finally be able to silence all of his critics of the past 13 or 14 years. And he may even get one more ring in the 2010-2011 season, if all things go well. In all actuality Mr. Iverson, this is your only shot at ever winning a championship and to avoid being in the same boat as another 76ers’ great, Sir Charles.

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  1. Memphis would never take Sasha or Farmar.

  2. the same way memphis would never take kwame brown for gasol…u gotta think this is memphis we talkn bout

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