Fomer NBA Star Finally Agrees To Plea Deal

It’s been a while since he’s been in the news, but for those who don’t remember Jayson Williams, here’s a little about his past.

Williams gained notoriety playing in the NBA for the New Jersey Nets from 1992-1999. His best seasons were from 1996-1998 where he averaged a double-double and made the 1998 All-Star game. Not to mention, he got a $90M contract.

Most recently, Williams has been maligned for the 2002 accidental shooting of his limo driver, Costas Christofi.

Williams initially lied about the incident, went to trial where the jury deadlocked and now, 7 years later, he may finally be heading to the slammer. His reported plea deal demands that he spends at least 18-months in prison.

The retired NBA player should have made this deal 7 years ago, he would have been out of jail about 5 years ago. Prolonging the inevitable only makes the anticipation worse. Bet he’ll never handle a shotgun again.

Report:Jayson Williams taking plea deal,faces prison time (AP via

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