College Football Week Eleven: What We Learned

Paul Rhoads has Iowa State bowl eligible in his first year. Rhoads has done a great job getting this team to a bowl in his first year. And to think, these were the same players Gene Chizik couldn’t win with. If Chizik can get the Auburn job without going to a bowl game, the sky is the limit for Rhoads.

USC is in more trouble than I thought. At first I thought that their coaches were just lazy, but after Stanford dropped 55 on them, it’s time to be concerned at USC. I’ve said that Stanford and Oregon would cause USC some problems, but I didn’t see this coming. I’m very interested to see how Pete Carroll responds to this.

CBS really has a problem with Florida being undefeated. I’ve noticed this for the past couple of weeks, but Tim Brando (LSU fan) and Spencer Tillman throw shots at Florida every week now. Both guys continued to throw shots Saturday saying that Florida doesn’t have enough style points in their wins. Yet, earlier in the show they said that style points should not matter for Cincinnati. When you watch CBS this weekend, listen for it.

I hate to bring it up again but Charlie Weis is done. He had a chance to maybe save his job if he could’ve upset Pittsburgh, but with that loss, it is officially over. Now 6-4, the Irish still have Connecticut and then Stanford which they could possibly lose. Doesn’t it feel good to see Notre Dame losing game after game?

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