The Cleveland Browns Look Worse Than Ever

The 1-8 Cleveland Browns produced only 169 total yards in a 16-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night.

This week’s starting QB, Brady Quinn, completed 13-31 passes for 99 yards, 2 int’s and no TD’s; his total for the season stands at one.

Owner Randy Lerner fired his GM last week, so he should also be on the look out for new players and coaches. And while he’s at it, he may need to find a replacement for himself.

The Browns are ranked last in NFL in TD’s, total yards, pass yards and first downs. Between Derek Anderson and Quinn, they have combined for 3 total passing touchdowns.

I actually felt sorry for the players as I watched their Monday night game against the Ravens. When you watch them play, you know they’re going to lose, you just don’t know how big the margin will be.

One thing is certain, Mangini should be fired. It’s time to get a capable leader that can fire up the players and give Cleveland Brown fans something to cheer about. It’s been way too long since they’ve done that.

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