Antoine Walker’s Stat Line Of The Week

If you’re not familiar with all this Antoine Walker talk, go get yourself up to speed. If you happen to run across a stat line that needs consideration, send it here.

Another week, mo problems for our patron saint.  But Antoine if you’re reading this, today marks a new day.  Today is the day we give out your “Stat Line Of The Week” award.  Rejoice!

Before you ask, no we won’t pay you for using your likeness for this award.  Besides, you don’t need our little chump change anyway. Oh, you do?   That sucks.  And it’s kinda awkward really.

But you know what isn’t awkward ‘Toine?  Someone hoisting shot after shot in a NBA game.  That there is art.  Right?  I knew you could appreciate that.  In fact, you’ll appreciate this week’s winner because he seems to be really embracing this art form.

Once again, I give you Mr. John Salmons and his box score that would make a grown man cry.

In 33 minutes of the Bulls’ 99-89 loss to the Raptors on Wednesday, John put up:

5 Points (1-11 FG, 1-5 3Pt)
5 Rebounds
2 Assists
0 Turnovers
0 Blocks

So congratulations to our first two time winner of this award. And being that we’re just three weeks into this young season, we may very well be changing the name of the award to the John Salmon’s Stat Line Of The Week Award.

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