Another Week, Another New Bowl Game.

That’s right folks. We have another bowl game that no one will pay attention to. But tis the season for adding more useless bowl games. So we shouldn’t be surprised. And besides, we needed a bowl to replace the Cotton Bowl since it’s moving to the new and over the top Cowboys Stadium, right? Right? Actually, we didn’t.

DALLAS — The replacement for the Cotton Bowl game has been lined up.

Dallas city leaders say the Dallas Football Classic is planned for New Year’s Day 2011. The plan calls for using teams from the Big 12, Big Ten and perhaps Conference USA.

The first game will likely pit the seventh-ranked team from the Big 12 against the sixth-ranked team from the Big Ten, should those teams be excluded from Bowl Championship Season consideration.

Let’s see here. Using last season’s records, we would be treated to this matchup:

Big 12’s seventh-ranked team: Kansas (8-5)
Big Ten’s sixth-ranked team: Minnesota (7-6)

Oh joy. And no need to explain how the Big 12’s seventh-ranked team will play in this bowl and the Yankee Bowl. It’ll all work itself out.

Dallas organizes new bowl to replace Cotton Bowl in Fair Park stadium (AP)

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