Ann Bowden Has A Few Words For You Regarding Her Husband.

If you’ve been following the saga that is going on at Florida State these days, you know that things aren’t exactly peachy keen in Tallahassee.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, or could care less about a FSU program that has been irrelevant for almost a decade, here’s a quick synopsis.

– The team is currently 5-5 and praying to make a bowl game.

– Students planned a revolt earlier in the year.

– Bobby Bowden wants to be able to decide when he retires.

– Many think otherwise.

So at this point, who knows what will happen.  But the longer this drags out, the more people get pissed off from both sides.

Speaking of being pissed off, it seems Ann Bowden is just that.  And when Ann Bowden is pissed, you hear about it.

The following is a brief tounge-lashing from the 1st lady of FSU football to all of her husband’s naysayers.  And if you take anything from this, make sure you take that the Bowden’s aint going down without a fight.

“Years ago,” she said of her husband, “I said 80 is probably a good year to cut it off. But he was going great, had a legacy going and everything. And then we (Seminoles) took that downturn. I said, ‘Look, if you want to stay on and try to get that back … ‘

“His quarterback’s going to be a senior next year, and (Bowden) wants to be there for his senior year. That’s only right. And all those young kids are going to be a year older. … He’s planning on another year.”

If FSU doesn’t give it to him, she says, “You know, we don’t need the university as much as they need us — as much as they need him and his connections and reputation and everything. If they want to pull that trick, we’ll just shake the dirt off our feet and go to Europe or go on a long cruise or something.

And now for the burn.

“They’ll have to fire him for him not to go another year … If they’ve got guts enough to do it, let them do it.”

Let it burn. Let it burn. Your move FSU.

Bowden eyes 2010 return, but Florida State won’t tip hand (USA Today)

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