Your NFL Game Of The Week: Vikings vs Packers

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers, Sunday 4:15 p.m.

Did you expect any other game to be the GOTW besides this one? In what may be the most anticipated regular season game since the Pats went for perfection against the Giants in the final game of the regular season two years ago, the Vikings, Packers rivalry will reach an all time high as Brett Favre returns to Lambeau Field on Sunday afternoon. The Vikings upset me last week causing my four week streak of correct picks to come to a halt, but I think this week I will get back on the right track. If the NFL would have schedule this game on a Monday night instead of their first meeting, it would have shattered viewing records guaranteed.

Key Matchups

Brett Favre vs. Packers Defensive Backs: Al Harris and Charles Woodson have practiced against Brett Favre so out of all the cornerbacks in the NFL, these two guys should know his tendencies like the inside of their face mask. With that said they are facing more speedy receivers, which will keep them on their toes. One mistake in the secondary could get them burned by any one of those receivers for the purple team. The same can be said for Brett Favre as he should know what Harris and Woodson like to do when it comes to jumping routes and peeking into the backfield.

Packers O-line vs. Vikings D-line: The last time Aaron Rodgers faced this Vikings’ defense, he was sacked eight times, and four times by Jared Allen. For them to have any chance to win this game, it starts with the offensive line being able to protect their quarterback. Expect to see the tight end, running back, and fullback staying in to help block the Vikings’ defenders, especially in 3rd and long situations.

X – Factor

Lambeau Field: Brett Favre knows what it’s like to come out of the Packer’s tunnel on a cold Sunday at Lambeau. And he knows what a huge disadvantage it is for the opposing team’s players to try and get comfortable and come out of there with a win. But for the first time in his career, he will be on the opposing team and you can expect a lot of boos being thrown his way. Brett will feel he has something to prove to old GM Ted Thompson, and you know anytime Brett is out to prove something, or is playing with a chip on his shoulder, he has a monster game. Beware Packers fans.


Minnesota 28, Green Bay 21: I don’t see it ending well for the Packers in this game. The Vikings are clearly the better team and I think they showed that when the two teams met in week 4. It will once again be a close game as Lambeau will be filled with emotion on Sunday. The one thing that the Vikings have going for them that no other team in the league has is a guy lining up in the backfield with the initials of A and P.

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