Your NFL Game Of The Week: Patriots vs Broncos

Each week throughout the NFL season, Keezy W will pick what he feels is the best game of the week based on importance, rivalry, and/or subplot. He shall attempt to analyze key match-ups and make a pick.

New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos, Sunday 4:15 pm

Two correct GOTW picks in a row, and I look to extend my streak this week. Week five only has two games worth noting on the slate. Baltimore and Cincinnati battle for the top of the AFC North and the mighty Broncos face their biggest test yet in the Patriots at home. If Denver wins this game no longer can any of their doubters claim that they are only 4-0 because of the teams that they have faced. Playing the Pats is considered around the league the ultimate test. And I believe Denver will pass with flying colors.

Key Matchups:

Randy Moss vs. Champ Bailey: These two guys have dominated their side of the ball and have been widely regarded as the best at their position for a very long time. Both are sure fire first ballot hall of famers. And with these two probably lining up across from each other for more than half of the game, it is sure to be a fun matchup to watch. Bailey’s ability to guard Moss one-on-one with no safety help, unlike most of the so called “shut down” corners in the league, will allow the rest of the defense to focus more of their attention on the sneaky Wes Welker and the rest of the Patriot offense.

Denver’s Offensive Weapons vs. New England’s Defense: Many people seem to forget that on the offensive side of the ball, the Broncos are loaded with big play options. There’s Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Knowshon Moreno, and one of the most underrated receivers in the league in Jabar Gaffney. If the inconsistent Patriot defense manages to slow some of these guys down, it could go a long way in New England winning this game.

X – Factor:

Bill Belichick vs. Josh McDaniels: In another matchup of teacher vs. student, I see this game as the best matchup where Belichick coaches against his former understudy. Don’t forget that it was McDaniels, not Belichick that was considered the brains behind the record setting ’07 Pats’ offense. And it was also McDaniels who was regarded as the man who turned overrated Matt Cassel into the rich man that he is today. I never underestimate the Hoodie when it comes to him playing against his former employees, but I’m interested in seeing what type of mind games these two will be playing against each other.


Denver 24, New England 17: Denver hasn’t given up more than 10 points in any game this season, but they are playing one of the better offenses in the NFL. So I see that streak being broken this game. Kyle Orton is quietly having his best season as a pro playing as a game manager. And at this point in the season, he has a better QB rating than Tom Brady. At the end of the day I think that Denver’s offense will be a little too much for the Pats defense to handle and that will be the deciding factor in this game.

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  1. You must be out of your mind to think the Broncos are going to beat the Patriots.

  2. The dude is crazy.

  3. Patriots cant get pressure on QB, dbs cant cover big recievrs,and they cant do anything against a 3-4 defense….no Fred Taylor and if it wasnt for two drops by Mark Clayton they would be 2-2 and everyone's opinion would be changed about them

  4. The Griffin says:

    Nice hit!
    The way the Broncos pass defense has been playing, it wouldn't surprise me if the Broncos won.
    But in the end I still believe the Patriots are the better team.

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