Your NFL Game Of The Week: Chargers vs Steelers

Each week throughout the NFL season, Keezy W will pick what he feels is the best game of the week based on importance, rivalry, and/or subplot. He shall attempt to analyze key match-ups and make a pick.

San Diego Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday 8:20pm

2-1 after three weeks of NFL action with the GOTW picks and week four’s game slate provides a lot of big games which made it kinda tough to choose. This week’s matchups include Jets vs. Saints, Chargers vs. Steelers, Ravens vs. Patriots, Cowboys vs. Broncos, and Packers vs. Vikings. At the end of the day, I had to go with the Sunday Night Football game of Chargers at Steelers as this week’s Game of the Week.

This game means more than you may think for both teams. If the Steelers lose, they will drop to 1-3 and would have lost three in a row. Which would give the Chargers some revenge after losing to Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship game.

Key Matchups:

Phillip Rivers vs. Pittsburgh Blitz: Is it just me or does Philip Rivers complete more bombs than any other quarterback in the league? If the offensive line for the Chargers can pick up the blitz and give Rivers enough time to find some of his passing weapons deep down the field it could go a long way in San Diego winning this game. I know that Dick LeBeau will be scheming of all sorts of ways to shut down the explosive Darren Sproles. With a heavy dose of 8 man fronts, Rivers will have to take his shots when he gets them.

X – Factor:

Troy Polamalu & LaDainian Tomlinson’s health: Remember this Nike commercial?

That was a great commercial and it would be great if we could ever see these two guys on the field together for a complete game without one of them getting hurt. Polamalu returning could get the Steelers’ defense back on the right track towards repeating as NFL champs. While Tomlinson returning could not be so great for the Chargers because it would mean less plays with Sproles on the field.


Pittsburgh 24, San Diego 21: Pittsburgh will have to score more than 2 touchdowns to win this game and while I think they will succeed in doing so, it won’t be easy. The Steelers also seem to have the Chargers’ number, beating them twice at home last season in two tough games. I see a last second field goal from crybaby kicker, Jeff Reed to win the game. redeeming himself for his dismal performance of two weeks ago.

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