The Wildcat Is Nonsense Only When You Can’t Stop It

On Monday night, the Miami Dolphins wildcated (there’s some new terminology to add to your football repertoire) up and down the field against the New York Jets en route to a 31-27 victory.

The critics say, “Aint no way the Wildcat will work consistently.  NFL defenses are too fast for it.”

The Dolphins say, “We’ll just run it 16 times and roll up 110 yards on the New York Jets.  How’s that for consistent?” 

If you reach far down in your prideful, old-school football loving soul, you’d acknowledge how impressive the Dolphins have been running their “go-to” formation.  And especially on Monday night.  They won that game on the back of the Wildcat.  Count me impressed.  I’ll count you impressed too, even if you won’t admit it.

While I’m counting those that are impressed, I’ll go ahead and add Jets linebacker, Calvin Pace to the number.  Even though he’s trying hard to disguise how impressed he was.

Calvin Pace on the Wildcat: “I can’t respect that stuff, all that Wildcat. We’re in the N.F.L. Don’t come here with that nonsense.”

Now, now Calvin. It’s only nonsense because you guys couldn’t stop it. And besides, I see right through that. You were impressed.

Pace being impressed with Chad Henne is another thing all together.

Calvin Pace on Henne: “Against a second-year clown quarterback, we didn’t affect him enough. I guess you have to give him credit. The defense lost the game today.”

Zing! Dolphins vs Jets II shall be interesting.

Final: Dolphins 31, Jets 27 (The New York Times)

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