Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind is our recap of some of the most captivating sports stories of the previous week.

On to the NLCS for the Dodgers– The Dodgers season has gone pretty much according to script. Aside from Manny’s 50-game suspension, the team has been focused and dominated the NL West for the second consecutive season. After sweeping the Cardinals in the NLDS, the Dodgers will play the winner of the Phillies/Rockies series. If they face the Phillies again, manager Joe Torre will have the team better prepared this time around.

71-day hold out ends– Three of the four major sports leagues in America make rookies earn big paydays, but the NFL still hands them out as if they were double-cheeseburgers. Michael Crabtree refused to sign a contract with the San Francisco 49ers because he felt it wasn’t enough. He ended up receiving a hefty contract with at least $17M guaranteed all before he’s played one NFL down. The NFL should cap rookie salaries and give more money to the vets, the guys who’ve actually proved they can perform in the league.

Put the Neil Diamond on pause– There will be no more mass choral singings of “Sweet Caroline” this season in Fenway Park. The Red Sox were man-handled by the Angels; they were swept from ALDS. Perhaps this team’s championship runs are over. With a little luck, it won’t take nearly a century for the franchise to return to their winning ways.

The Mercury are champs– Led by MVP Diane Taurasi, the Phoenix Mercury defeated the Indiana Fever in game 5 to win the WNBA title last week. Though the league has experienced a loss of fan support over the past few years, the girls are really entertaining.

Mess with the King, get the boot– Braylon Edwards learned firsthand what happens when you threaten the existence of Cleveland sports. Edwards was traded to the New York Jets after a scuffle with one of Lebron James friends outside a club earlier this month. Two days later, he was on a plane to New York. Now that’s clout.

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