The struggling Cabrera gets drunk, fights with wife

Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera was taken to Birmingham Police Dept. of Detroit on Saturday morning after authorities received a 6:00 am call.

The call was made by Cabrera’s wife, Rosangel, who according to reports suffered facial injuries from the incident.

Miguel Cabrera’s BAC was .26, more than three times the legal limit and was said to have some stratches of his own, including a broken necklace.

This domestic disturbance came at a time when the Tigers were losing 2 out of 3 to the White Sox over the weekend. Cabrera went 0-for-11 in his plate appearances.

Moving froward, I suggest any man and especially professional athletes that have the urge to fight a woman, check out Craigslist or some other fetish web site. There you can find women who like it rough. You can pay them for their services and you won’t have to worry about showing up on the front page of the paper.

Report: Cabrera had .26 BAC, scuffled with wife (

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