SEC Commissioner: Call Out Our Officials Again And It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

Yeah, you’ve had your fun the last couple of weeks. We all have. Discussing how bad SEC officiating has been was just the thing to do. Bobby Petrino had a few words, and was reprimanded. Lane Kiffin gave his two cents, and was reprimanded. And most recently, Dan Mullen jumped on the “SEC officials suck” pile and he too got a reprimand.

But folks, the days of reprimanding are gone. SEC commissioner Mike Slive aint having all this calling out of his officials anymore. No siree Bob. And if you choose to test Mike Slive, you end up in a body bag. Or just get fined or suspended. But you get the idea.

Commissioner Mike Slive told The Associated Press in a phone interview Friday that coaches who violate the conferences’ ethics rules against criticizing officials in public will face a fine or suspension instead of receiving public reprimands when they first act up.

“On rare occasions over the last seven years there were several private reprimands and that took care of the matter,” said Slive, in his eighth year as the SEC’s leader. “On occasion there were public reprimands and that took care of it. It became clear to me after last week that I was no longer interested in reprimands and the conference athletic directors and university presidents unanimously agreed.

“For the foreseeable future there will be no reprimands,” Slive added. “We will go right to suspensions and fines.”

See. Now s@#t just got real. Whatcha gonna do now Lane, huh? Petrino? Mullen? Anyone? That’s what Mike Slive thought.

Think you gonna have anymore problems, Mike?

“We fully expect and anticipate that we will have the full cooperation of our coaches from this day forward,” Slive said.

D*mn straight!

SEC stiffens penalties for complaining coaches (AP)

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